• Vera Luísa Franco

    Co-creating Next Regenerative Thriving Cultures


    28 October - 1 November


    Expand The Box is one of the core trainings from Possibility Management: a safe yet transformational learning environment for upgrading traditional thinking and behaviours.


    In English, Portuguese, and German

    with trainer Cornelius Butz


    Online 4-Week Journey

    3 - 29 November 2020

    Expand The Box is one of the core trainings from Possibility Management: a safe yet transformational learning environment for upgrading traditional thinking and behaviours.


    More information about the format in Trainings.

    In English and Portuguese

    Limit of participants: 10


    Ler o convite em Português

    Online Coaching Session

    Something completely different is possible right now. Possibility Coaching gives you new options to choose from and the clarity and energy to make the choices. All questions are allowed. You get to go wherever you want to go. More information in Coaching section.


    INVESTMENT: Sliding scale of 120-220 Euros per session of 1.30-2 hours.

    4-Week Online Workshop

    New dates: tbc - Pre-registration open

    Investment: £100

    This is an opportunity to learn how to change automatic emotional reactivity, create space-holding abilities for yourself and other, and create delightful intimacies with those you live, work, play and come into (safe) contact with.

    More information in Trainings section.

    Bright Principles Initiation Process

    A Bright Principle is an Archetypal force of nature. By distilling your resonant set of 3 to 6 Bright Principles out of your life you can more intentionally create and choose in alignment with your Bright Principles. By doing this you can experience the satisfaction and empowerment of being your destiny in action.

    Part 1: Discovering & Distilling Your Destiny

    Part 2: Choosing Your Destiny

    Part 3: Adding Mass to Your Destiny

    Part 4: Implementing Your Destiny


    More information on Bright Principles here.


    Be Transformed By The Renewing of Your Mind


    My podcast on creating a next regenerative culture for Ecovillage Library


    (Event ended)

    Dates: 8 /14 /21 /28 July 2020 (check the times in facebook event)


    Rage Club is a fun, clear and safe space to transform your relationship to anger and use it to gain clarity and activate your decisive power.


    We play full out for 2h.


    Cost: 10 Eur


    4 Week Journey (event ended)

    Tuesdays: 25 August + 1/8/ 15 September 2020 @6.00-8.30pm (CET - Germany time)


    During Series Rage Club, you dive into the power of your resources of Anger as a tool to navigate your personal relationships and professional life with clarity and decisiveness.


    You commit to the Team for all 4 weeks.


    Cost: £80 for 4 weeks + private group.

    Limit: 15 participants.


    15 June - 15 July

    (event ended)


    . Inner Navigating the Falling Apart (24 June)

    . Rage Club (25 June)

    . Conflict Alchemy (30 June)

    . Rage Club (1 July)


    Transformative workshops to support the Free Conflict Transformation Summit

  • I am...

    ...moved by the unbound human potential to live an abundant, creative and thriving life with each other and the world.

  • My Job:


    To move you towards...











    Through delivering 5-body thoughtware upgrade and evolutionary processes for individuals, groups, and communities in Trainings and Coaching sessions.

  • Hello! I'm Vera.


    I take delight in creatively collaborating with other people to build and evolve gameworlds and cultures where we can adventure beyond the known paradigms, challenge the status quo and our own biases, heal schisms and relations, free ourselves from all our prisons and constructs, and empower ourselves and each other to live our true purpose.


    I bring clarity and possibilities to individuals, communities and organisations, by delivering empowering and healing distinctions that creates effective transformation.


    For evolution of human consciousness to occur, we navigate out of the familiar world, into new territories that have always been there, but were not visible to you before. I open doors for new pathways, being with you in the deep trenches and the mountaintops.

  • “There are many things that seem impossible

    only so long as one does not attempt them.” ― André Gide

  • Carolin Waldmann

    The sessions with Vera were eye-opening and changed the view on my inner life and have been with me ever since. What is so special for me about Vera is that she is absolutely present to what is happening in me and the space around me. At the same time through her being so attuned to the higher purpose of her work she offered me the exact right experiments and words to hold me in a safe space where I could be fully seen and present with my vulnerability and love for the world.

    Laura Vass

    I highly appreciated the soft, calm and compassionate approach that Vera took, at the same time staying powerful, centered, encouraging, and showing incredible capacity of insight into my situation. To me, her softness was heart opening. After a first time experience that had left me with more doubting than curiosity, experiencing her Possibility Management was the beginning of a journey going much further and deeper than before.

    Barry Hogenes

    In my experience, the coaching session with Vera allowed me, or I allowed myself during it, to express very intense feelings. It made me realise I was on an emotional rollercoaster. I felt much anger and anxiety, which go hand in hand. Months later, I found out that the underlying emotion of it all was deep sadness. The technique acts as some sort of ignition source, actively setting things on fire. One of the first sparks to get my spirit burning again.