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    Hello, I'm Vera Franco.

    My Archetypal Lineage

    I am an Abundance Midwife. I open portals to an abundance of possibilities, helping you remove blocks and the veil that stands in the way of new options you didn't see before.


    I'm an Evolutionary, I take a stand for the evolution of human consciousness and thriving life on Earth (and beyond). I facilitate context-shift for greater consciousness and presence in communities; businesses; next cultures; and learning environments, centered on authentic adulthood initiatory processes.


    My job is to help you find your inner key, so you can heal and evolve yourself.

    When your purpose starts knocking...

    It was an otherwise normal afternoon. I was saying goodbye to my friends and walking my way home from high-school in Lisboa, Portugal, when I started feeling this huge tension inside me. It was a very clear and very intense sense of urgency. It was telling me there was something I really needed to do, and urgently! I couldn't shake it off, it was piercing. I told my parents I was coming home late and despite their protests, I walked for hours with this, trying to figure out what was wrong. I knew this was important, that I needed to listen. I was 15 years old and I had no idea what it could be and how to find out. I only had suspicions that it had to do with my purpose.


    Modern Culture does not provide the necessary tools or initiations to find out what we came to this Earth to serve.


    This would continue for years: the tension would last for a few days and reappear every three or four months, throughout University, until my first real initiation: I quit school, left my home country, and decided to live in an alternative culture, the world-renowned eco-spiritual community of Findhorn in the North of Scotland.

    Initiation into community and nature connection skills

    In Findhorn I had some important initiations. I learned about inner and outer resiliency, Permaculture, I learned to hold space for myself and others. I learned to sit in circles and bring my own presence. I learned to sit in the discomfort of conflict and I learned to use my voice in a full auditorium, both for singing and speaking my heart.


    I learned to build a house, to plant food and medicinal plants, to light fires from scratch, to make food to feed a village of 250 people. I learnt to take care of the village children, walk their non-linear path of creation and awe. And to be continuously marvelled at the majestic beauty of the wild nature around me.


    I learned to live in a context of inner listening, co-creation with nature, and loving service, in a complex collaborative setting with hundreds of people originating from different cultures. I led very diverse groups into deep connection with all nature, including their own, using tools and practices from the ecovillage movement.

    Initiations into Adult Responsibility

    When I found Possibility Management it was like something finally clicked into place. The clarity and power of the maps and practices allowed a great deal more healing, transformation, and agency than anything I had experienced before in my then 6 years of being a bit of a workshop junkie.


    I became a Possibility Manager trainer. I found out what was the urgent tension I felt when I was 15 was. It was my Bright Principles and my Archetypal Lineage (what I came here on Earth to serve) calling me to give me jobs. Then I didn't have the clarity and the initiations to listen.


    After a while I sensed that what I really wanted to create in the world didn't have much space in my cosy beautiful community in Scotland. So I expanded into the wild wide world.

    My work

    Now I am the space where my Bright Principles can work in the world. They are:








    I deliver 5-body thoughtware upgrade and evolutionary processes for individuals, groups, and communities in Trainings and Coaching sessions.


    I support and train other trainers to deliver their archetypal lineage in the world. I support edgeworkers and riftwalkers to activate and catalyse evolution and healing in their gameworlds. I'm here to creatively collaborate the emergence of Next Culture.

    I want to live in a culture where children take time to learn how they learn, and about what, instead of going to school. Where there are appropriate and authentic initiations into adulthood. Where there's a culture of care and respect for all life on the planet. Where people work in the things their Archetypal Lineage drives them to. Where death and birth and sex are not taboos. Where people creatively collaborate in having authentically emerging relationships that encourage each other to blossom. Where we can communicate with other beings without making assumptions about who they are and who we are, so we can witness each other unfold. Where all our communication can mean I love you. Where we can be honest about all the parts of our underworld, our shadow, without needing to repress it, but learn it and own it. Where we find solutions that work for everyone and the whole. Where we take radical responsibility for everything, for life itself, for Love, and become the true caretakers and co-creators of life unfolding.

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