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    Here is the list of trainings, talks and workshops that I deliver. If any of those trainings turn you on and you want to bring them your circle, please reach out to me through my contact page.

  • Online Expand the Box Training

    A month-long journey in a team online.

    This is an evolutionary 4-week journey with a small group for deep and integrated transformation. Many trainings and workshops create an extraordinary transformation environment, but as soon as it ends, returning home means returning to old habits and patterns. Expand The Box aims to accompany the transformation and apply it in your daily life.
    At Expand The Box we work in teams to enter new territory and discover new fields of possibilities. The key to these discoveries lies in the extraordinary maps, tools, techniques and context of Possibility Management.
    We train individually, in pairs, in small groups and as a whole. Learning occurs through the practice of new ways to experiment and create in the safest conditions, where you can make maximum mistakes with only positive consequences.
    Expand The Box offers amazing listening, speaking, feeling, experimenting and connecting skills, which will make your life richer, more vivid and more conscious.

    This revolutionary training will be done online and offline. In the first three weeks the group will meet virtually twice, each meeting lasting 2h30.

    We will have a virtual community space to communicate between each meeting, to share experiments, ask questions and share personally with trainer Vera Franco available for a month from the beginning to the end of the training.

    Videos with exclusive content will be revealed for you to discover in your personal time, with an agenda of exercises, experiments and reflections for maximum immediate integration in your life.


    Please find the invitation in Portuguese

    Expand the Box Training

    3- 5 day in residence training

    Expand the Box is the core training for Possibility Management: a safe and astonishing learning environment where you work as a team to enter new territory and discover hidden fields of human possibility. The key to these discoveries lies in the extraordinary thought-maps, tools, techniques and processes of Possibility Management.


    One of the two core training offered by Possibility Management. Expand The Box sets the lay of the land, aka the distinctions and their thoughtmaps, needed to dive into the next layers of work offered by Possibility Management, such as Possibility Labs.


    Starting at 9 in the morning and ending at 10 in the evening, for 5 days, you will join a crew of explorers (between 20 and 50 participants), to question and consider what we are up against when longing to living full out.


    If you are at the stage of wanting to organise an Expand The Box, check out this website and only after you read the whole thing, pleas e contact me for a video call.

    More About Expand the Box Trainings

    For my next expand the box training click here.

    Inner Resources for Connection

    Worktalk / 1 or 2-day workshop / 4x week online workshop

    Have you ever thought about who wrote the rule book you unconsciously live by when it comes to Love and your relationships?


    In our everyday interactions we often block ourselves through unconscious mechanisms determined by how we were raised, past traumas and inner doubts. These mechanisms limit not only the expression of who we truly are but also our alignment with our high purposes in life. How can we free our inner resources from these mechanisms?


    The Inner Resources For Connection workshop works on upgrading your thoughtware while learning essential tools and distinctions to become who you really are and do what you came here to do. This workshop is about looking at the rule book, and finding more possibilities.


    - Get your energetic centre back from external authority to regain sovereignty over your authentic feelings

    - Learn to steer clear of pointless victim reactions

    - Experience the power of expressing emotions in a responsible way

    - Create and sustain Love Happening and intimacy spaces
    - Recognise you emotional reactivity and what to do about it
    - Locate your resentments and how to dismantle them
    - Get in touch with all your 5-Bodies hunger for nourishment and intimacy
    - Establish boundaries and get clear on consent
    - Transform Conflicts

    Meetings without Masks

    Worktalk + 1 or 2-day workshop online and offline

    An opening into the domain of 5 body intimacy journeys.


    It is possible to create secure time and space which you can relax and open up to life. It is possible to negotiate mutually inspiring arrangement that invoke enthusiastic vulnerability and precious trusting connection.


    Learning these tools does not take so long and is fun to practice. New skills comes from new distinctions. Learn and practice saying what you want and have the clarity and power to discern and stay in connection.


    Ecovillage (Design) Training

    Series of Weekends + 2-week training or month-long training

    Learn to co-create regenerative futures in collaboration.


    Ecovillages are intentional settlements that include indigenous villages, urban neighbourhoods and new intentional communities. They are living laboratories for the development of social, cultural, economic and ecological regenerative tools.


    In these trainings we equip ourselves with the skills needed to create a diverse and regenerative culture that connects humans with nature, all life and ourselves. A culture in which we see each other as part of the bountiful and generous natural ecosystem that is the livelihood of every living being. A culture of Abundance, Care, Winning Happening, Creative Collaboration, and Radical Responsibility.


    We will use a holistic approach and learn how to co-create a regenerative culture within a wide-range of dimensions: social and ecological regeneration, economy and energy systems, governance and decision-making, nature, our inner nature and potential, and more.

    Conscious Communication

    Worktalk + 1 or 2-day workshop online and offline

    Every communication persists until it's received.


    Particularly designed for people who want to improve communication skills, as well as relate to conflict in a more empowered and compassionate way, and get more options on how to collaborate with others in their circles, communities and organisations


    You will learn brilliant tools for upgrading traditional thinking and behaviours. Explore new thoughtmaps and practice new forms of experiencing yourself and your relationships. Practice being in groups and communities with integrity and clarity.


    Learn to navigate roadblocks to communication, access the power of conscious feelings, dare to deepen your intimacy, be aware of your inner and outer resources for communicating and artfully collaborate in whatever project or pursuit.

    Rage Club

    2-3 hour online and offline session or half day workshop

    The only people that get upset when you set boundaries are the ones who benefited from you having none.


    The purpose of Rage Club is to change your relationship to the feeling of anger so that anger is consciously available to you as an adult whenever you need it, without being possessed or overwhelmed by it.


    In modern culture we are deeply conditioned to believe that it is not okay to be angry because “anger is one of the negative feelings,” and “anger is dangerous, loud, embarrassing, uncivilized”. When you learn to own your anger and use it responsibly, you get clarity and can act, protect yourself and avoid creating victim-drama-stories.


    Rage Clubs are an extremely safe learning environment allowing you to reconnect to the adult and archetypal power and intelligence of your anger. Learn more about Rage Clubs here.

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