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    Here are a few of the videos, books, articles and projects that have been expanding my box. I hope they can expand yours too.

    Permaculture and Possibility Management

    Discussion between Dan Palmer, author of Making Permaculture Stronger and Clinton Callahan, author of Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings and Radiant Joy Brilliant Love and originator of Possibility Management. More info about the collaboration between permaculture and possibility management at https://makingpermaculturestronger.net/ and http://innerpermaculture.strikingly.com/


    Watching this video gives you one matrix point. Please go to Evolutionary Global Game StartOver to register your points: www.startover.xyz

    (matrix point: NC-RADIO.04)

    CircleWays - Journey to Next Culture

    Are there alternatives to social solitude in our modern culture? Are there other ways in which we can come together as human beings? Is it possible to align our coexistence and togetherness with values such as connectedness, mindfulness and co-creativity?

    With Charles Eisenstein, Manitonquat, Gerald Hüther, Clinton Callahan, Gabriele Seils, Barbara Strauch and many more.



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