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    Possibility Coaching

    Something completely different from this is possible right now.

    Possibility Coaching step-by-step procedures empower you to take back your own authority... for everything. Along the way you happily discover that your mind (as well as your other four bodies) are yours to play with and make into whatever you want. A new future unrolls as a side effect of you building inner capacities that welcome more awareness.

    New behaviours start when upgraded thinking models give you new perceptions and viewpoints. Clarity creates possibility. Possibility opens new options to choose from.

    You are the chooser.


    Your authentic questions open spaces of possibility that you and I can explore together. All questions are allowed. You get to go wherever you want to go.


    Clients bring such a multiplicity of cares, for example:

    Panic, sadness, or anger attacks. Depression, burnout. Loss of joy in life, lack of intimacy, sexual drabness, broken dreams, unfulfilled expectations. Feeling betrayed, resentful, abandoned, unseen, not good enough. Seeing what should come next, but not knowing how to get there.


    Sessions are also fantastic for supporting you to make big decisions:

    How do I know if I should keep holding onto a job that I don't really want to do anymore? Am I clinging into a relationship that does not nurture me anymore? What else is possible for me? Who am I really? What am I here for? What's the point? What is my true calling? How do I live in a world like this? What if I am not certain? How can I get confidence to make changes? How can I connect with people or build a team? It feels like something important is missing from my life... how can I find it?

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