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    Possibility Management is a set of evolutionary healing and personal development distinctions and processes based on a context of radical responsibility. These experiences catalyse transformation in the physical, intellectual, emotional, energetic and archetypal bodies to support each person to step into their multifaceted potential.




    The Ecoversities Alliance is a community of learning practitioners from around the world committed to re-imagining higher education to cultivate human and ecological flourishing in response to the critical challenges of our times.


    I collaborate with Ecoversities by sharing my skills to empower and further evolve the educational context of each project and of the gatherings.

    GEN Europe is the European ecovillage association promoting social resilience, environmental protection and restoration of nature through the concept of ecovillages as models for sustainable human settlements. We actively support the de­vel­opment of ecovillages and national ecovillage networks across Europe.

    NextGEN is youth arm of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), serving as its own global network for Ecovillage youth – with presence in all five regions of GEN.


    I've been supporting over the last few years towards strengthening its presence in the European annual conference and by collaborating with one of their projects Yes to Sustainability, co-organising and delivering tools and practices for a regenerative life in European Youth Exchanges.



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    Contact me for trainings, talks, workshops, and coaching sessions.


    Possibility Management Portugal

    We are a team of trainers, edgeworkers, evolutionaries and gameworld builders committed to organising and delivering thoughtware upgrade trainings, workshops and coaching in the country of Portugal.



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