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    You have within you an archetypal force of nonlinear creation, an abundant source of innovation capable of moving beyond the limitations of the status quo and your own internal prisons: your Gremlin.


    But before this power can be activated to serve your Destiny, it lies unconscious in the shadows, protecting all your survival strategies and often sabotaging acts of courage, relationships, and even the clarity of your Mission.


    Gremlin Transformation is a multifold path of research, discovery, and healing where you transform your relationship to the force of nature that is your Gremlin, and shift your purpose from survival to expansion in service of your Destiny. 


    With initiations into conscious and authentic adulthood, it is also a crucial preparatory space for the long-term process of Decontaminating the Adult Ego State.


    The Journey consists of 4 main Chapters:


    Chapter 0: Meet Your Gremlin
    In Chapter 0, get to know your Gremlin. Is it Type 1? Type 2? What are its favorite foods? Begin the Gremlin Diet as a team and go through Initiations to build a conscious relationship with your Gremlin.
    This is a journey of deep disillusionment, where you have the opportunity to get real with how exactly your Gremlin has been running your life, and clear practices to shift the purpose of your Gremlin towards an enriched life.


    Chapter 1: Gremlin Diet
    A conscious Gremlin diet is for your relationship with your Gremlin and your underworld, what the gym is for an athlete. Your Gremlin has been eating your life energy, your intimacy, your integrity, and your access to your Bright Principles. You have been letting Gremlin take over your life. It's time for that to change. After Chapter 0 you have the clarity and the energy to make those changes, and Chapter 1 gives you a space with high-clarity and integrity to create conscious discipline.


    Chapter 2: Underworld & Transformation
    Chapter 2 is the bulk of Gremlin Transformation. Chapter 0 and 1 exist to start a conscious relationship with this part of you. Without being able to have a functioning relationship with your Gremlin - one that you have the reins of - you cannot train it, you cannot transform it, and you will continue to have a persistent denying force inside you resisting your best efforts to evolve. This Chapter is all about working with the Underworld, to all levels of it. You will discover how deep are some patterns in your Underworld, clarify and distill your HIdden Purpose sentence, explore the pitfalls and blindspots of navigating your Underworld as well as the hidden powers and nonlinearity knacks of your particular Gremlin. It is here that you can optimally go through the Gremlin Reconstruction Process.


    Chapter 3: Serving Your Destiny
    Gremlin is a pure force of Non-Linear Creation. It is designed to collaborate with you to serve your Bright Principles. Being your Destiny in action requires that you have your Gremlin at your side, ready to serve. Chapter 3 is about putting your Gremlin to work, giving it progressively larger High-Drama jobs, and applying its non-linear skills — shifting identity, conscious Pirace disruption, resourcefulness, invention, and being unhookable — essential to spaceholding extraordinary and archetypal spaces.