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    Talks, Workshops & Trainings

    Meetings Without Masks - Lisboa

    22 + 23 Feb 2020 - with Joana Cruz

    A weekend to learn to navigate roadblocks to communication, access the power of conscious feelings, dare to deepen your intimacy, be aware of your inner and outer resources for communicating and artfully collaborate in whatever project or pursuit.

    In English and Portuguese.


    Facebok event
    Registration and info: Vera Franco.

    Sword & Chocolate - Worktalk

    28 Feb 2020 - Lisboa - with Joana Cruz

    Clarity is a force more powerful than rules. How to use the power of your clarity to bring more authentic connections to your life and navigate into the delicious partWe will explore the question: how to be vulnerable and undefended?

    Enhance your ability to be present in clear conversations so you create empowering interactions in your day to day life. Be clear on what you want and improve intimacy with your friends, colleagues, partners and family.

    Value: 10€
    Information & Registration: Vera Franco

    More Than Survive - Lisboa

    One day event - 8 Mar 2020 - with Joana Cruz

    The degree of your satisfaction in life and your success in everyday work life depends on the extent to which you have distinctions about your inner driving forces and bring these qualities into your work.

    In order to go beyond survival mode - with limited creativity and aliveness - and move towards your true potential and talent, you need to walk beyond known territory.

    Event held in Portuguese & English.


    For more info go to Facebook event

    Registration: Vera Franco

    19 - 22 March 2020, with Joana Cruz

    Expand The Box is one of the core trainings from Possibility Management: a safe yet transformational learning environment for upgrading traditional thinking and behaviours. Expand The Box provides the distinctions needed to participate in Possibility Lab. In English and Portuguese

    Read invitation Here. (Portuguese and English)
    Registration: Vera Franco.

    9 - 13 April 2020, Lisboa, Portugal

    The Quit School Possibility Lab is 5-day radically safe healing space for the dozens of deep wounds and disempowerments that we carry - consciously or unconsciously - as a burden that seriously restricts our ability to create and relate and be late. On the one hand, it can feel very scary to actually heal these wounds and get your power of presence back, on the other hand, what a wonderful way to create a great future for yourself and your kids.

    Registration: Joana Cruz.

    24 May - 6 June 2020, Costa Rica

    Rancho Mastatal's very first Ecovillage Design Training. It's a two-week transformational and practical journey in a creative sustainable educational project set in pristine natural rainforest. We will learn and practice the cultural, social, ecological, and economic dimensions of regenerative design. For anyone who is interested in co-creating resilient and regenerative organisations, relationships, and futures.

    Registration: Rancho Mastatal.

    Expand the Box - Brazil

    26 - 30 Jun 2020 - Rio de Janeiro

    Sobreviver é muito pouco perto do infinito que é Viver e é por isso que nasce o treinamento Expand The Box.
    O Expand The Box é o treinamento básico do Possibility Management. É um ambiente seguro e ainda assim de aprendizagem transformacional orientado para a transição para uma posição empoderada de criador no mundo.


    Inscrições: Joana Ribeiro +351 916 475 503

    28 July - 4 Aug 2020, Portugal

    The Initiation Tent will provide authentic adulthood and archetypal initiatory processes - actual next-culture initiations. These initiations equip participants with new clarity, skills and tools to navigate their lives with added possibilities and empowerment.

    The Boom Festival is a Biennial Transformational festival in Portugal. The festival offers musical performances, workshops, film screenings, yoga, group meditation, fire performance, art gallery and a variety of visual exhibits.

    30 Aug - 7 Sep 2020 - Nevada, USA

    At this pioneer event in the desert, life-changing Initiations into Authentic Adulthood will be delivered. An adulthood that takes radical responsibility for creating the life, society and playground our hearts know is possible, especially outside Burning Man